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Own the original production cels and original color xerox background of the underground cult classic, "THE DIRDY BIRDY".
The film was invited to over 100 international festivals and has won numerous prizes. THE DIRDY BIRDY has toured with Spike & Mike’s “Festival of Animation” and “Sick & Twisted Festival, and the ”LOLLAPALOOZA SUMMER TOUR music festival, and opened for several feature films, among them, "CRUMB." The Venice Film Festival and the Zagreb film Festival have placed a 35 mm print in their permanent archive. The film was featured on MTV’s debut of “Cartoon Sushi,” and as a broadband series on Comedy Central’s website, Motherload.

Hand inked/xerox pen on clear acetate with hand painted acrylic paint on the reverse.

12.5 inches x 10 inches.


If you would like to see additional art from this film or request a specific frame write me at

NOTE: Images are cropped to fit. The original art size is much larger.


All sales final except for manufacturer damage. Does not include shipping costs or taxes. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing.

All products Copyright 2010 John R. Dliworth

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